Our niche

  • " Noted for its ‘unparalleled focus’ and ‘to-the-point advice’"
    LEGAL 500 (2018)
  • " One client highlights his impressive command of the procedural requirements of tax matters and adds that he "has a very strong and mature legal mind.""
  • " One of the top tax litigation firms in Denmark"
    LEGAL 500 (2017)
  • " His eye for detail and strategic thinking is amazing."
  • " persuasive courtroom skills"
    LEGAL 500 (2014)
  • " The highly praised niche tax litigation firm, Vistisen Tax Attorneys, is recommended by its peers and clients for transfer pricing controversies. "
  • " a tax litigation power house."
    WORLD TAX (2017)
  • " Clients say: "He is very good in the courtroom, and good at going into details and in-depth in all cases.""
  • " Vistisen Tax Attorneys’ Eduardo Vistisen is ‘a top practitioner’ in tax litigation, ‘particularly in the area of transfer-pricing controversies’"
    LEGAL 500 (2016)
  • " Client satisfaction is extremely high, with clients and advisers alike praising Vistisen and his practice for its streamlined, quality services and one-stop-shop approach."
    WORLD TAX (2015)
  • " Eduardo Vistisen of Vistisen tax attorneys is experienced in tax litigation, representing clients in cases concerning transfer pricing and EU law."
  • " a strong track record in tax litigation"
    LEGAL 500 (2015)
  • " outstanding service and professional skill"
    LEGAL 500 (2013)
  • " a recognised expert on transfer pricing"
    LEGAL 500 (2014)
  • " Eduardo Vistisen is a 'leading individual' for 5 consecutive years."
    LEGAL 500 (2014-2018)
  • " Eduardo Vistisen acted for a multinational company in the two biggest transfer pricing disputes ever in the country..."
    WORLD TAX (2012)

Vistisen Tax Attorneys is a 100% tax litigation boutique with extensive experience in all Danish courts and administrative tribunals and have also appeared before the European Court of Justice.

We handle all kinds of tax litigation and tax audits– including corporate tax, VAT and duties – and are one of the leading firms when it comes to transfer pricing controversies. We focus on understanding each taxpayer’s business and position and devote a significant amount of effort to convey this perspective to the judges and tax authorities in an easy-to-understand manner.

Our clients appreciate the fact that we argue their cases with great enthusiasm, yet in a fair and professional way.

Vistisen Tax Attorneys’ values are based on thoroughness and credibility. We are respected by our adversary, the Counsel of the Danish Tax Ministry, and most of our victories are based on settlements.

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